A handset is the hardware control interface (iPad, iPhone, Galaxy S, etc.) for K-Touch. A single project can use multiple handsets when there are multiple interfaces controlling the same devices.

To create a new handset:

  1. Open the New Handset Wizard
  • After signing in to Builder navigate to File > New Handset
  1. Choose a Device Type
  • Select and click either iOS or Android.
  • Click Next.
  1. Select the Device you are Using
    This selection is important since a GUI designed for a specific handset can only sync with said handset.
  • Click the drop-down box to select the handset model that matches the handset you want to create.
  • For an Android platform, choose from an extensive list of devices. If your exact model does not appear, select a handset that matches the resolution of your handset.
  • When done, click Next.
  1. Select a Theme
    Selecting a theme populates your image library with buttons that fit your device and follow the selected theme. You can always add additional images to your project later.
  • Click the drop-down box to choose from black gloss, white gloss or brushed metal buttons.
  • When done, click Next.
  1. Import Controllable Devices
    In this step, the software asks you which devices to import into your K-Touch project.
  • Click Device Library.
  • To narrow down the extensive list, enter the Vendor Name and Type.
  • Click Filter.
  • To select the device, click the checkbox on the left.
  • Click Import.
  1. Click Finish
    Your new handset is created and the builder automatically populated image libraries based on the size / resolution of your handset for the button theme you chose.
    Find image libraries on the right-hand side of your screen in the Images tab.