This article shows two methods of creating a global macro.

  1. Where global macros are located
    • In the upper left side of your K-Touch builder window, notice 2 tabs. Handsets and Global Macros.
    • Handsets gives you the familiar panels and pages tree view but if you click global macros, the tree changes to a list of global macros
  1. Create a global macro
    • One way to create a global macro is to enter the global macro tab and click the + button. This creates a new global macro
    • Rename your global macro in the properties window
  1. Add commands and actions to the global macro
    • Once the global macro is created, add commands and actions to it just like a button macro (Note: links cannot be loaded into a global macro because pages and panels are not global across different handsets)
    • You have just created your global macro
  1. Alternatively
    • Another way to create a global macro is to convert a current button macro into a global one. To do this, double-click a button to reveal its macro
    • Right-click on the macro to bring up a menu
    • Select Convert Macro to Global Macro
    • The global macro now exists in the global macro tree