K-Touch provides some basic image libraries for your control interface. You can also completely customize your UI by uploading your own images and graphics.
Most common image formats are supported and the system supports transparency if found in .png files. All images upload with their exact pixel size and are not editable once in the K-Touch Builder.

  1. Images Tab
  • Click the Images tab on the right side of the screen.
  1. Image Menu
  • Click on the Images menu by clicking the button indicated below.
  1. Select Create Item
    From here you can do the following:
  • Create Item: Create a image library folder.
  • Upload Images: Upload an image from your PC to the K-Touch Builder.
  • Browse Image Libraries: Browse Kramer’s image libraries to find the images you need.

    This example focuses on creating a new image folder and filling it with custom images.
  • To create a new folder, click the ‘+’ button or choose Create Item. (To add images to an existing folder, skip this step.)
  1. Image Library Properties
  • Name: Rename your image library in this field.
  • Shared: To share this image library with other K-Touch users at your dealership, select Yes. Other users can search for this image library by browsing for images in the dealer section.
  • Theme: If multiple image libraries share the same theme, give them the same theme name for easier searching.
  • Description: Give the image library a description to aid anyone browsing for new images.
  1. Add New Images to the Library
    To add images to this image library:
  • Right-click on the image library.
  • Choose Add.
  • Choose Add Image.
  1. Find the Images
  • To locate the images you want to upload to your PC, press Choose Files to browse your PC.
  • To upload multiple new background images, find the files on the computer, highlight the ones desired and select Choose or Open in the bottom corner.
  1. Press Upload
  • When you select Choose, the software returns to the upload images screen.
  • Select Upload to finish the process.

8. Finished
Your images are uploaded. Expanding the image library reveals the uploaded photos available for use in your project.