Repeat on hold causes a button macro to repeat when the button is pressed and held. This is especially helpful for buttons like Volume + / – or Channel + / -.

  1. Starting Point
    This example uses the volume up and volume down buttons that are already configured with volume commands. Currently, each time a button is pressed, the macro is sent only once and the volume only increases or decreases by one.
  1. View Button Properties
  • Highlight the volume button and view the properties for that button in the bottom-left corner.
  1. Change Repeat on Hold to Yes
  • In the button properties, there is a field called Repeat on Hold. Set this value to Yes.
  1. Set Timing
    Now the button macro repeats continuously as long as the user’s finger is pressing the button. The last setting determines how long to wait before repeating the macro.
  • The default is 0.2 seconds but this value can changed to whatever fits the application.
  • Repeat for all applicable buttons.

Open the attached K-Touch backup file to see the project in action.