_In K-Touch, an entrance is a user-definable macro that executes when a panel is loaded.
Entrances are commonly used to query 3rd party devices so that when a page loads, the page syncs to the current state of these devices._

  1. Locate Entrances
    Entrances are contained inside a panel.
  1. Add an Entrance
  • With Entrances selected, click the + button or right-click and choose Add Entrance.
  1. Entrance Properties
    After creating an entrance, set the properties:

Name: Give the entrance a name.
Repeatable: To send the entrance macro one time when the page loads, select No. To resend the entrance macro at a constant interval, select Yes.
Repeat Every: If repeatable is Yes, set the interval value (in seconds) for how often the entrance macro is sent.

  1. Create the Entrance Macro
  • To add device commands or actions to the entrance macro, drag them to the entrance.