For a K-Touch button to actually control something, you must assign a command (or multiple commands) to that button.

  1. Create Buttons on a Page
  • Drag images from the image library onto the foreground of the GUI to create buttons.
    The buttons appear grayed out because no action is currently assigned to them.
  1. Drag Commands to these Buttons
  • Click on the Devices tab on the right hand side of the K-Touch Builder.
  • Drag the action you want executed to the button that executes it. If needed, drag multiple commands to the same button.
    The button images are no longer greyed out.
  1. Verify the Commands Assigned to a Button
    After assigning commands to the buttons make sure that they are correct in any of three ways:
  • Hover your mouse over the button. A pop-up window displays the contents of the button.
  • On the Panel/Page menu on the left-hand side of the Builder, find the name of a specific button. Expand the button to see what it contains.
  • Double-click or right-click the button and select ‘Edit button’. This opens a menu that shows the button macro.