Network gateways are gateways used to connect the K-Touch App to a TCP or UDP controlled device. This article will show how to create this network gateway.

  1. In the gateways tab of the K-Touch app, click edit.

  1. Find the section labeled ‘network’ and click ‘add new gateway’.
  1. Define the gateway settings.
  • Devices: Define which devices are assigned to this gateway. Ensures that the correct commands make it to this network device.
  • Name: Give the gateway a name.
  • IP Address: Tell the gateway the IP Address of the device you are trying to control.
  • Port: IP Port number of the device you are trying to control.
  • Username: If the device’s protocol has a username, enter it here.
  • Password: If the device’s protocol has a password, enter it here.
  • Protocol: Choose TCP or UDP depending on what type of connection the device you want to control is expecting.
  • Wake on LAN: If you want the gateway to send a Wake on LAN command every time it connects to this gateway, turn this setting on. You are prompted to enter the device’s MAC Address.
  1. Assign devices to the gateway.
  1. Add a device.
  1. Choose device and click +.
  1. Repeat steps 5 and 6 if additional devices are needed.
  1. Save.