The K-Touch App is a free download from either the iOS or Android app store. By itself the app does nothing until it is configured. This article focuses on the steps needed to configure the app.

  1. In K-Touch Admin you can edit the details of a project. In this edit screen you find all the information you need to log into this project with your app.
  1. Go to the Settings Tab of the App.
  1. Enter the user name and password of the project to sync with (details are found in step 2).

Note: If this is the first time this mobile device is syncing with this account you are asked to also enter the project ID. Entering the project ID subtracts a license from this project.
Note: If an error appears about ‘out of license quota’ you must purchase a license and assign it to this account.

  1. Select a Handset to Sync
  1. Go to the panels tab, and select which panel of your project you want to enter.

Syncing the Project

K-Touch is a control system that runs on mobile devices. This article details how to sync a project you built in the K-Touch Builder with the K-Touch App on your mobile device.

  1. Open the K-Touch App
  2. Click on Settings
  3. At the top of the settings page, enter the user name and password of the K-Touch project you wish to sync.
    (Note: If you do not know the user name and password, go to K-Touch Admin -> Manage Projects -> Edit the Project you want to sync. Here you find the username and password for that project.)
  4. When you’re done, click Sync.
  5. Enter Project ID
    If this is the first time syncing this project with this mobile device, you are required to enter a project ID (WARNING: Entering the correct project ID will deduct a license from this project). The project ID is also found in the K-Touch Admin. If you received one of the following errors, fix the project and try again.
  • Failed to Authenticate: The incorrect username or password was entered
  • Out of License Quota: The username and password are correct but no available license is assigned to the project.

Now a screen appears with all handsets in the project that are compatible with your mobile device (i.e. a Samsung Galaxy Tab cannot sync with an iPad Air so such a handset is not an option).

  1. Click on a handset to perform a sync.