In K-Touch, devices contain the commands for the products they control. Every controlled device is represented in the K-Touch Builder.

  1. Devices Tab
  • Start by clicking the Devices tab on the right side of the Builder.
  1. Device Menu
  • Open the device menu by clicking on the button indicated below.
  1. Select Browse Devices
    The following options are available:
  • Create Item: Create a device from scratch
  • Upload Device: Upload a device from a K-Touch compatible XML file on your PC
  • Browse Devices: Browse Kramer’s device library to find the product you need
    This solution focuses on browsing Kramer’s device library since it is the most common way to add devices.
  1. Choose a Library
    You can browse devices in two different device libraries.
  • Kramer: Devices maintained and uploaded by Kramer Electronics
  • Dealer: Devices uploaded by someone in your dealership and shared
  1. Search for Your Device
    On the browse device screen there are four options for filtering your search results:
  • Type: Filter by device type (e.g. switcher, cable box, Blu-ray, etc.)
  • Vendor: Name of the device manufacturer
  • Model: Device model number
  • Codes: Filter by type of codes (e.g. IR, IP, RS-232)
    For best search results, we recommend just entering the vendor name. Since many devices share the same control codes, the exact model number of the device you want may not appear.
  • Click Search.
  1. Import Devices
  • After finding the devices you want, click the check box for each device.
  • After selecting the devices, click the Import button and your sevices are uploaded into the Devices tab.
  1. Finished
    The devices are now in the devices tab and are ready to use with your project.