Every handset consists of panels that contain pages. A handset can have as many panels as needed to create the control system GUI.

  1. Where are they located?
    The Panels window is in the upper left-hand segment of the K-Touch Builder. It starts out blank.
  1. Click the ‘+’ Symbol
  • To add a new panel to the handset, click the plus symbol in the Panels window.
  1. Edit the Panel’s Properties
    Every clickable item in the builder has its own ‘Properties’. The properties for the selected object show in the lower left-hand corner of the builder. The following describes panel properties.
  • Name: Name the panel. The name displays in the panel window.
  • Shared: If you want the panel to be shared with other K-Touch users, select Yes.
  • Description: Add a text description for the panel.
  • Hidden: If you want to hide your panel in the K-Touch mobile device app, select Yes.
  • Home Panel: If this is the main panel of your control system, select Yes. The Home Panel automatically displays when opening the K-Touch mobile device app.
  • Swipe Disabled: By default, the user of the K-Touch mobile device app can swipe left and right between pages of the panel. To disable swiping between pages, select Yes.
  • Locked: Select “yes” to lock the panel, “no” to unlock.