Android can only support one camera stream per panel. If you have multiple cameras to view while using Android you must separate them amongst different panels in your project.

  • To add a security camera to your handset:
  1. Open Builder.
  2. Open the page to which you want to add the module.
  1. Open the More tab.
  1. Open the Modules section of the More tab.
  1. Open the Security section of the Module section.
  1. Select your camera type.
  1. Drag the camera to your page.
  1. Select the resolution of your camera from the properties window.

Note: You see the Channel ID within this image. This does not appear for all camera models. Cameras that require the Channel parameter are:

  • Channel Vision
  • Grandstream
  • ICRealtime
  • SnapAV
  • ACTi
  1. Save and sync.
  1. Delete a camera
    Right-click and choose Delete camera:
  1. Edit the Gateway within the application.
    For all cameras use HTTP Gateway with GET Method. The necessary ports are listed below:
  • ACTi, Channel Vision, Foscam SD, and SnapAV use Port 80
  • Axis, Foscam HD, GrandStream, ICRealtime and LILIN use Port 554