This article will explain how to download the ‘single page switcher template’ and use it for a project

  1. Change the background.
    There are three pages in this template that can have their background changed.
  1. Rename the buttons.
    • Go to Entrances in the ‘control screen’ panel and click on ‘Set input names’.
    • Click on the input name to set.
    • In the property for the set variable action, set the variable value to equal whatever you want each input to be called.
  1. Remove buttons and add switching commands.
    • For less than 8 inputs, delete the buttons you don’t need.
    • For more than 8 inputs, see the article on Creating a Template to properly add more buttons.
    • Drag the switching commands onto the input buttons (the example below uses a Kramer VP-773 as the switcher).
  1. Drag volume and mute commands onto their corresponding buttons.
  1. On the welcome page:
    • Drag the display power on command (and any other power on commands) to the full screen button.
  1. On the exit page:
    • Drag all power off commands to the ‘yes’ button.
  1. Save and sync