After a dealer account is created, you must create a user account for any user who interacts with K-Touch for that dealer. These accounts can have different privileges depending on the user’s responsibilities.
To create a new K-Touch User Account:

  1. Log In to the K-Touch Manager with Administrator Rights
    To create a user account, you must have the correct credentials and administrative rights to the account. This can be using dealer credentials or by logging in as a user who has administrator rights.
  1. Click the Manage tab and select Users

    A list of all users in your account appears.
  1. To add a new User select the + in the top left corner.
  1. Enter the information about the new user. Fill in all required fields.
  1. Assign user privileges to allow the user to perform the necessary fuctions in K-Touch. Choose from the following:

Administrator: An administrator has full access to K-Touch Admin and K-Touch Builder.
Purchaser: A purchaser is only allowed to make license transfers to projects. A purchaser has no access to builder.
Installer: An installer is not able to transfer licenses and can only create customers and work in the builder. An installer can only access projects that were created in the dealer account.
Local Installer: A local installer has similar privileges to an installer but a local installer can only access projects that were created using his/her user account. A local installer cannot access customer projects created by other installers.

  1. After entering all necessary information, click save and the user is created.
    The user can now use his/her credentials to log into K-Touch Admin.
  1. An Administrator can edit a user account at any time.
    To edit a user account, navigate to to Manage Users and click on the Edit Pencil next to the corresponding user account.

Adding a New User

To add a new user:

  1. Click the + button.
    The User screen opens.
  1. Fill in all necessary user information (starred fields are mandatory).
  1. Select the required permissions:
  • Administrator – can access all options and projects
  • Purchaser – cannot open projects
  • Installer – has access to all the projects
  • Local Installer – has access only to the projects that he opened
  1. When done, click SAVE.