Kramer’s FC-132ETH is a K-Touch accessory that can convert IP to RS-232. This product enables you to control RS-232 devices from K-Touch. This solution shows how to create a gateway for the FC-132ETH.

  1. In the Gateways tab of the K-Touch app, click Edit.

  1. Find the section labeled ‘FC-132ETH’ and click ‘add new gateway’.
  1. Discover the FC-132ETH on your network.
    Kramer’s FC products can be automatically discovered on the network by the app if they are on the same network as the mobile device.
  • New: FC-132ETH’s that have been found on the network and do not yet have a gateway created for it
  • Existing: FC-132ETH’s found on the network that already have a gateway created
  • Add new gateway: If your FC-132ETH’s are not on the network or not visible, you can create the FC-132ETH gateway manually
  1. Define gateway properties.
  • RS-232: The FC-132ETH has 33 RS-232 ports, here you can choose to assign specific devices to each port
  • Name: Give the gateway a name
  • IP Address: The IP address of the FC-132ETH (this will be automatically entered if you chose a discovered FC-132ETH)
  1. Choose a port and add the devices.
  1. Select add device.
  1. Choose the device and click +.
  1. Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7 if additional devices are needed.
  1. Save.