The capabilities of K-Touch are defined by the types of licenses applied to a project.
Licenses dictate the number of controlled devices and the quantity of user interfaces that can be used on a project.
This article is an overview of the licensing structure and a guide to proper license selection.


  • Controllable Devices: A controllable device is any 3rd party device controlled with K-Touch. Controllable devices are counted as the number of devices that appear in the Devices tab of the builder for a specific project.

Step 1 – License Type

Each K-Touch project must have one of three license types:

  • Standard: Includes 1 client and up to 5 controllable devices
  • Advanced: Includes 1 client and up to 15 controllable devices
  • Premium: Includes 1 client and up to 50 controllable devices

Step 2 – Project Add-Ons

Once you have selected a license type, you can purchase additional add-ons to customize a specific project. Multiple add-ons can be purchased for a single project to achieve the desired number of clients and controllable devices. Add-ons can be added to a project at any time during the life cycle of a project.
The following add-ons are available:

  • Client: Adds the ability to sync an additional client with that project
  • 5 Controllable Devices: Adds the ability to control five additional devices