Kramer Electronics presents the K-Touch suite of application software that enables you to design advanced room-control and automation systems and control them via the network using an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.
This user guide describes the K-Touch system and is intended for the System Integrator (Dealer).
The example illustrated in Figure 1 shows how K-Touch is implemented into a room control project. In this example:

  • The End Customer initiates a project relating the design of a controlled room with A/V equipment, peripheral equipment and automation systems. The End Customer contacts a Dealer (the Dealer is the System Integrator (SI)).
  • The Dealer accepts the project and plans the controlled room with Kramer Pro-AV, speakers and control products, peripheral equipment such as projectors and displays, shades and lights control and so on. All the room components will be controlled by K-Touch via a touch panel.
  • The Dealer contacts a Kramer office to place a Purchase Order (PO) for a K-Touch license for this project.
  • Several license types are available, depending on the number of touch screens used and the number of AV controlled devices used.
  • The Kramer office sends an invoice to the Dealer and allocates the cloud-based license for this project.
  • The Dealer uses K-Touch Builder to build the touch screen control.
    Note that the installer can use K-Touch Builder before or after purchasing the license.

K-Touch App is then installed on the touch panel (found in the App Store or in Google Play) and the built project info is synced / downloaded into the App where connectivity gateways are defined for the End Customer.