This article will explain how to add a license to a project using a license code given to you by a Karmer office or K-Touch distributer. All license codes are one time use but will never expire.

  1. Log-in to the K-Touch admin.
  1. Click manage projects.
  1. Edit project license.
  • Find the project that you want to apply the license to
  • Click the $ icon on the right hand side
  1. Enter the code.
  1. Click save.
  • The license has been applied to this project and is ready to use

View Available Licenses

To transfer a license to a customer project, you must initially have licenses in your account.
*Look in the upper-right corner of K-Touch Admin to see the total number of licenses in your dealer account that are free for allocation to customer projects.
*If the number of licenses in your dealer account is fewer than the number of licenses needed for your customer projects, purchase more licenses from your local Kramer Electronics office.

  1. Select Manage Projects
  • Click the Manage Tab and select Projects.
  1. Find the Project Account
  • In the manage projects screen, find the project to which you wish to transfer licenses.
  • Under Licenses you see the type of license held by the user and the breakdown by panels and devices.
  • In this example, Yosi has a standard license containing 1 allocated of 1 panel and 4 allocated of 25 devices.
  • To transfer additional licenses, click on the $ icon in that row.
  1. Add Licenses to the Project
  • Select Apply Licenses in the left-hand window and click the right arrow to add one or more licenses to the account.
  1. Click Save
  • After adding the correct number of licenses to this account, click Save.