While the K-Touch Builder contains thousands of RS-232/IP/IR drivers that control 3rd party devices, you may need to create a new driver for a device that doesn’t exist in our library.
This article explains how to accomplish this.

  1. Select the devices tab.
  1. Click the + to add a new device.
  1. Enter the device properties.
  • Name: Give the device a name
  • Shared: Select YES if you would like to share this device within your organization
  • Vendor: Enter the vendor of the product you are creating a device for
  • Type: Select a device type
  • Model: Enter the model number of the device
  1. Expand the device, select network codes, and click the + to add a command.
  1. Enter the properties for the device code.
  • Name: Give the device code a name
  • Data: Enter the data that needs to be sent to the device to achieve your action. All ASCII characters can just be written. HEX characters must be prefixed with \x (Example… Carriage Return = \x0D)
  1. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all the codes you need for this device are built.