For the time being, the only configurable Selfservice settings are the general ones. You can configure the default language in Selfservice, and which default source tickets get when they originate from Selfservice.

Default source

There are three predefined sources to choose from: Email, Phone and Web.

Default language

Selfservice selects which language to use based on the users browser settings. This applies if the language is supported by Pureservice. Pureservice supports English, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish. Otherwise, Selfservice uses the language that is set as the default one in the Administrator console.

Show ticket type and priority.

These will toggle if a tickets type and priority will be visible to the end users in the Selfservice portal

Allow csv export of tickets for all end users

By default only Superusers are allowed to export tickets from the Selfservice portal in the form of a CSV-file. This toggles the option for all users.

User registration

Enabling this allows users to register their own accounts in the Selfservice portal.
When enabled you also get the option to enable Recaptcha,to minimize the risk of false accounts.


These settings allows you to control who has Superuser access in the Selfservice portal, and what tickets they will have insight to. Hover over the button to view a more detailed explanation of the different options.


You can chose to give your Selfservice webpage a different branding by changing the name, login text, main page text and logo. The Main page text is meant as another place to put your welcome text for those who use federated login, where the login text does not appear. In addition you can chose to display a background image in the portal itself. Either choose from one of the presets, or upload your own.