Here you can create custom fields for companies that will be available on the company page. It is possible to add up to 3 fields of the types text, number and/or date. Custom fields can also be used within lists and filters.

To add a new custom field, select one of three types of custom fields: Text, Number or Date and time.

Here you can create a name for the custom field and select one of the three requirements for the custom field:

Option Explanation
Not required The field is not required (chosen by default)
Required The field is required when agents create the company, or if any changes is being made
Required when creating The field is required when agents create a new company, but existing companies can be edited without filling inn the field

This configures how the custom field are validated on companies. The choice will only apply when agents create or change companies and not when they are created or changed via API or other sources.

Above is an example of how three configured custom fields can look. The unique identifiers (ID: CF_x) will also be shown after creation.