NMDP has a record of a product that was provided to a center. The infusion may exist in FormsNet3, but the infusion dates between FormsNet3 and NMDP are more than 10 days apart.

Steps to Follow to Correct Discrepancy

  • If the infusion did NOT occur, submit a CIMBTR Center Support ticket to inform CIBMTR.
    • CIBMTR will work with NMDP to remove the infusion
  • If the infusion did occur, but the date is incorrect in either NMDP’s system and/or FormNet3.
    • If NMDP is incorrect, submit a CIBMTR Center Support ticket to inform CIBMTR
      • CIBMTR will work with NDMP to resolve the date discrepancy
    • If FormsNet3 is incorrect, update the event date in FormsNet3
  • If the infusion occurred and NMDP is correct/updated, but the event is missing in FormsNet3.
Last modified: Mar 06, 2024