All data reporting to CIBMTR is managed through the FormsNet3 application. Although most CIBMTR data collection forms are automated in the FormsNet3 system, there are cases where needed form(s) may not come due as expected. To ensure timely reporting, the following instructions may be used to create an unscheduled form in these circumstances. Please note, unscheduled forms should only be created when needed, and only if CIBMTR communications detail that this mode of action may be required. An example is reporting COVID-related information pertaining to an infection that does not coincide with an applicable follow-up form (example: 1 year form completed 1/1/2020 and patient diagnosed with COVID-19 on 7/1/2020. Since the 2 year follow-up form would not be required until around January 2021, the Respiratory Virus Post-Infusion Data (2149) Form will need to be created as an unscheduled form).

Unscheduled Form Instructions:

  1. Log into the FormsNet3 application
  2. Select the Recipient tab from the application’s menu bar
  3. Ensure “CRID” is selected in the Search by Type field
  4. Enter the applicable CRID and hit Search
  5. Under the Recipient Information section (immediately below the search field), locate the applicable infusion event. This should be the most recent infusion (i.e., bottom-most infusion row)
Last modified: Mar 06, 2024