The following forms are currently being revised / developed. Check back for new forms, and updates to the anticipated release dates.
Beginning with the Fall 2021 Release, full details regarding the revisions (e.g. new questions, modified questions, removed questions) are located on the CIBMTR Portal. {Training & eLearning > eLearnings > FormsNet3SM Quarterly Releases}

Spring 2022 (April 22, 2022)

Forms Notes
F2058r1 Thalassemia Pre-Infusion Data NEW Form
F2158r1 Thalassemia Post-Infusion Data NEW Form

Winter 2022 (January 28, 2022)

Forms Notes
F4003r5 Cellular Therapy Product
F4006r6 Cellular Therapy Infusion
F4100r8 Cellular Therapy Essential Data Follow-Up
F4000r9 Pre-Cellular Therapy Essential Data Moved to the Summer 2022 Release
F2031r4 Immune Deficiencies Pre-Infusion Moved to a later release date
F2131r4 Immune Deficiencies Post-Infusion Moved to a later release date

Fall 2021 (October 29, 2021)

Forms Notes
F2037r3 Leukodystrophies Pre-HSCT Data
F2137r3 Leukodystrophies Post-HSCT Data
F2814r4 Indication for CRID Assignment
F2003r1 Gene Therapy Product Form NEW form
F2400 Pre-TED
F2450 Post-TED

Summer 2021 (July 23, 2021)

Forms Notes
Recipient Transfer Tool Paper form is becoming an electronic tool
F2100r7 Post-HSCT Data
F4100r7 Cellular Therapy Essential Data Follow-Up
F4000r7 Pre-Cellular Therapy Essential Data Form
F3500r2 Subsequent Neoplasms Form will now be used for HCT infusions on CRF, in addition to CT infusions
Forms Anticipated Release Date Notes

For more information about the forms, or revision schedule, email

Last modified: Apr 12, 2022