Public Posting: HRSA Transplant Outcomes

The data posted by Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA), known as Transplant Outcomes, includes reports of patient outcomes and other information about transplants. Transplants in these reports were performed at transplant centers in the United States. Available reports include:

  • US Patient Survival
  • US Transplant Data by Center
  • US Transplant Data by Disease

Public reports are text-based single-center descriptions of outcome vs. “expected” outcome. Reports are posted online in January and accessible through HRSA and NMDP.

CIBMTR Portal Posting

Individual centers can see their report on the CIBMTR Portal (Portal > DataOps Dashboard> TCSA). Reports are available from 2016 to the present. An example of a report can be found below:

Last modified: Jan 18, 2024