Complete all additional individual identifiers, as applicable.

Question 14: Recipient NMDP ID

Report the seven-digit recipient ID (RID) assigned by NMDP. If the individual has never been assigned an NMDP RID, leave this data field blank. For RELATED donors, do not report the repository sample ID in this field. For UNRELATED donors, the RID is the sample ID.

Question 15: Recipient IUBMID

Report the six-digit IUBMID previously assigned to the individual. The IUBMID is the individual identifier previously assigned by the International Bone Marrow Transplant Registry (IBMTR), which was the precursor to the current CRID system. If an IUBMID was previously assigned, complete and continue with question 16; if no IUBMID was previously assigned, continue with question 17.

Question 16: Team ID

Report the four-digit team ID; this data field is required if question 15 is answered. The Team ID is a precursor to the current CIBMTR center number (CCN) system, used by the IBMTR. If the individual has a previously assigned IUBMID, there should be an associated Team ID.

Question 17: Institution-specific subject ID

Report the subject identifier used for any center-specific outcomes registration, transplant study protocol(s), or other unique subject identifier used for internal institutional tracking. Do not report the recipient medical record number (MRN). If the individual does not have an institution-specific subject ID, leave this data field blank.

Question 18: Transplant Registry Unified Management Program (TRUMP ID) (Japanese centers only)

If the individual is a citizen of Japan, report their 12-digit Transplant Registry Unified Management Program (TRUMP ID). If the individual’s TRUMP ID is unknown or the individual is not a Japanese citizen, leave this data field blank.

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