CIBMTR has revised the CPI Form Completion Standards to better align the requirements with the data needs of the transplant community, as well as to simplify the metrics tracked to improve the quality and availability of research data. These updates will streamline the overall process, as well as increase the quality and quantity of data available for research.

Effective Date

US Centers: CIBMTR implemented the updated requirements for US centers beginning September 1, 2021.

International Centers: CIBMTR began to implement the updated requirements for International centers on July 1, 2022.

Form Completion Requirement Enhancements

Due Date in FormsNet

Form due dates, as specified in FormsNet3, will be the date that determines whether a form has been submitted on time to meet the CPI requirement (in the past it was the earliest complete date). The DUE DATE will encompass a grace period to ensure appropriate amount of time to complete the form.

Date Definitions

Event Date Usually the infusion date. This date is used to inform the earliest complete dates and due date.
Earliest Complete Date The first date CIBMTR would expect to receive data for that form.
Due Date The date by which CIBMTR expects to receive the data whenever possible. For critical forms, the form must be completed by this date in order to meet the on-time critical forms requirement. All other forms (including critical forms with a due date in the previous trimester) must be completed by the CPI deadline.
CPI Deadline The end of the trimester.

Target Completion Percentage by Form Category

CIBMTR has grouped forms into categories based on priority of submission and established target completion percentages based on those categories. For additional details on each category, see CPI Forms and Due Dates.

Requirement Target Completion Percentage
Complete Critical Forms On Time (By Form Due Date) During Current Trimester ≥ 50% Completed by Due Date
Complete Critical Forms Due During the Previous Trimester ≥ 98% Complete by end of trimester
Complete Study Supplemental Forms Due During the Previous Trimester 100% Complete by end of trimester
Complete All Other Forms Due During the Previous Trimester ≥ 95% Complete by end of trimester
Resolve Queries Placed During the Previous Trimester ≥ 95% Complete by end of trimester
Last modified: Mar 06, 2024