When first registering a patient with CIBMTR, the center must complete a CIBMTR Research ID (CRID) Assignment (2804) in FormsNet3, which generates a unique identifier for the patient. Once a CRID is assigned, the Consent Tool and Indication for CRID Assignment Form (2814) must be completed to report the consent status and indication. Depending on the indication reported, forms are added to the Forms Due list by FormsNet3, and must then be completed by the center.

Indication Forms Due
HCT Pre-TED (Form 2400)
Disease Classification (Form 2402)
Cellular therapy (non-HCT) Pre-CTED (Form 4000)
Marrow Toxic Injury RITN Baseline Form (Form 5000)
RITN Contact Form (Form 5001)
RITN Follow-Up Form(s) (Form 5002)
Non-cellular therapy (e.g. chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc.) No additional data is required at this time. No forms required (Stop Here)

If the indication reported is Non-cellular therapy, no additional data is required at this time. For more information, see the Indication for CRID Assignment (2814) Form Instruction Manual.

If the indication reported was HCT, Cellular therapy (non-HCT), or Marrow toxic injury, refer to the sections specific to those indications for more information on CIBMTR forms due.

Indication and Pre-TED Forms

As of May 13, 2015, the CIBMTR requires centers to complete the Pre-TED Forms (Form 2400 and 2402) for all autologous transplant recipients, whether or not they consent to have their data used in research. The release of the revised CRID Assignment Form (Form 2804) and new Indication Form (Form 2814) in FormsNet3 on May 12, 2015 supported this change.

Last modified: Mar 06, 2024