CIBMTR Data Management Guide

The Data Management Guide contains information on center participation and data submission to the CIBMTR and serves as a resource for individuals seeking guidance about forms due, data quality, and the functions of CIBMTR research data processing.

We invite your feedback on individual sections and your suggestions on topics that you would like to see included. Feel free to contact CIBMTR Center Support with your feedback.

Manual Updates

Sections of the Data Management Guide are frequently updated. The most recent updates to the Guide can be found below. Go to the section and review the updated content.

Date Topic Section Description
5/25/2022 FormsNet3SM Process and Tool Instructions Recipient Transfer Best Practices Added Recipient Transfer Best Practices which contains answers to FAQs
5/25/2022 Data Collection and Quality Cellular Therapy Updated Cellular Therapy information and flow diagrams
2/10/2022 Multiple Topics Multiple Sections Review of sections to ensure consistent language and accurate links (e.g. CIBMTR Center Support)
11/1/2021 Form Revised Fall 2021 2814: Indication for CRID Assignment Updated instructions with the Fall 2021 Release
9/14/21 New CPI Metrics CPI Added pages for CPI Exemption, New CPI Summary Reports, and NonUS CPI Target Percentages; made updates to several pages to remove references to old 90% requirements
8/3/2020 FormsNet3SM Process and Tool Instructions 2814: Indication for CRID Assignment Provided instructions on generating an on demand F2814 Centers should now create an on demand indication form (2814) to report a subsequent infusion when there are NO follow up forms (F2100, F2450 or F4100) available to report this information.
7/28/21 Data Collection and Quality Primary Disease and Disease Forms Due Updated disease inserts for each primary disease
7/28/21 FormsNet3SM Process and Tool Instructions 2804: CIBMTR Research ID Assignment
2814: Indication for CRID Assignment
2820: Recipient Contact Information
Transferred manual from Forms Instruction Manual
7/23/21 FormsNet3SM Process and Tool Instructions Recipient Transfer Tool Added instructions for using the NEW Recipient Transfer Tool
7/22/21 Contact Us Updated contact information
7/22/21 Mentor Program Removed from Guide entirely
5/12/21 Consent Age of Majority Consent Added instructions for reporting Age of Majority consent in FN Consent Tool
5/5/21 CPI CTA Add CTA Discrepancy resolution instructions
3/26/2021 CPI and CTA Center Participation Enhanced descriptions of Center Activity Requirements, Reporting Levels for US NonUS centers, CPI Standards, CTA Standards. Include Planned CPI Enhancements and table of Due Dates
1/6/2021 Fee Schedule N/A Updated Fee Schedule to include the Plasma Cell Disorder (2016/2116) forms for cellular therapy.
8/18/20 Creating Unscheduled Form Additional Forms Added new topic (Creating Unscheduled Form(s)) to Additional Forms section.
7/16/20 Fee Schedule N/A Updated Fee Schedule to include the Respiratory Virus Post-Infusion (2149) form.
2/14/20 HCT Forms 2004, 2005, and 2006 Updated the Non-NMDP Donor, Related HLA-Mismatched/HLA-Matched, Related Syngeneic/HLA-Identical Sibling, Related Cord Blood Unit, and Unrelated Cord Blood Unit tables with correct question numbers referenced within tables. Updates match current revisions of forms released in January 2020.
12/3/19 Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Recipient CPI Summary Report Updated the Recipient CPI Summary Report to reflect changes to international reporting requirements and trimester dates.
9/12/19 Correcting Historical Data Completing Error Correction Forms Updated the instruction for submitting error correction forms. Error correction forms should now be submitted via the ServiceNow portal.
9/9/19 Fee Schedule N/A Updated Fee Schedule for cellular therapy forms to reflect form groupings.
1/17/19 Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Forms Due Report, Summary Report, Compliance, and CPI Forms Updated all CPI sections to reflect the inclusion of Cellular Therapy forms.
12/3/18 Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) CPI Forms Removed the 2500 from the list of forms excluded from CPI as these forms are currently included in CPI counts.
11/14/18 Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Forms Due Report, Summary Report, and CPI Forms These sections were updated to reflect the most recent forms and reports that are involved in the CPI process.
9/6/18 Fee Schedule N/A Updated Fee Schedule (formerly referred to as Reimbursement Schedule) to reflect current rates
2/28/18 Data Collection and Quality Current Form Revision Spring release information; New forms; Forms in revision; volunteers needed; new email
2/08/18 Data Collection and Quality Continuous Process Improvement Changes to each sub-section: Forms Due Report; Summary Report; Non-compliance; and CPI Forms
11/15/18 Data Collection and Quality Current Form Revision Update to form revision schedule

For more detailed instructions on completing CIBMTR forms, access the Forms Instruction Manual.

Last modified: May 26, 2022