How will CIBMTR inform my center the CVDR Portal is open and dataset ready for review?

An eBlast announcement will be distributed to centers informing them of the dates the CIBMTR CVDR dataset/portal will be open and available for review.

When should I review my dataset?

Please review your dataset as soon as the announcement is distributed since the portal is only open for a short period. Additionally, please submit a ticket to CIBMTR Center Support as soon as possible to allow time for investigation, updates, and corrections.

Why is a record missing on my dataset?

A record may be excluded from your dataset due to data discrepancies, missing data, and/or a form not in complete status.

Why does disease reported in FormsNet not match with the CVDR diseases?

CIBMTR has recategorized some of the broad and specific diseases to match with disease reporting on the C.W. Bill Young Transplantation Program. Please see the CVDR Data Dictionary on the CIBMTR Portal for additional information.

How are cancelled or postponed HCTs reported?

Any cancelled HCTs that were reported, have been removed from the HCT count. If you still have any cancelled transplants in FormsNet, please complete the Form 2008.

Does my center need to submit a data status for the second round if a status was submitted for the first round?

If a center selects “Data Complete/Correct” or “Data Incomplete/Incorrect” for the first round, centers do not need to submit a center status for the second round. However, if “Data Pending for Correction” is selected, centers will need to submit a center status for the second and final round.

Who is authorized from my center to submit data status?

Only the medical director/primary data contact or designated member from your center can submit/update the data status. If you are not one of the aforementioned people, you will see the following message displayed:

You are not authorized to submit/change FN data status for your center. Only the medical director or primary data contact of your center has this privilege. To find out your center’s status, please contact your center’s medical director/primary data contact. However, you can view the reports pertaining to your center.

If your center needs to update a contact, please update through the Network Partner Portal.

What happens once I submit the data status?

Once you submit the data status, an email will be sent to your center’s medical director and the submitter. A copy of the submit status will also be sent to the CVDR team. Your submission details will be stored in the application and made available for further communication with you.

Can I update my center’s status once I submit a data status?

Please carefully review your data with your medical director before you submit your center status. If you have submitted an incorrect status due to error, please submit a ticket to CIBMTR Center Support. CIBMTR will remove the incorrect submit status and your center will be allowed to re-submit the correct status.

What if I do not submit my status within the timeframe provided?

CIBMTR will reach out to centers who did not submit a final data status. In circumstances where transplant centers do not have CIBMTR Portal activity, or who do not submit any center data status by the end of the process, centers final status will be determined by CIBMTR leadership team.

Last modified: Aug 31, 2023