Discrepancy Process (Queries)

  1. Once the CTA discrepancies have been resolved, CIBMTR will place queries on FormsNet3 forms containing discrepancies. A list of these queries will be uploaded to the CIBMTR Portal.
  2. Centers will need to locate CTA queries in FormsNet3
    • These queries can be found in the FormsNet3 homepage “Recipient Query Tasks” table
    • Use the “Query Placed” date and/or sequence number on the uploaded query list to filter for the CTA queries in the “Recipient Query Tasks” table
    • CTA queries will also have the prefix: “CTA YYYY” in the query comments
  3. Centers will need to resolve CTA queries
    • See query resolution instructions below
  4. Once all queries have been resolved, center will be in “Good Standing” for Resolve CTA Queries category

CTA Query Resolution Instructions

  1. Update the discrepant question’s answer
    • Auto-populated update: When entering the form using the Edit form icon, the question’s answer may be updated by auto-population. Centers will see a pop-up with the question, the question’s new answer, and the question’s previous answer. Select “OK” to close out of the pop-up and continue to step 2.
    • Manual update: If no auto-population runs to resolve the discrepant question’s answer, the answer will need to be manually updated.
  2. Interact with the query icon located next to the discrepant field
  3. Answer other questions that may be been enabled
    • When an answer is changed within the form, this may cause more questions to be enabled and must be answered. Complete these questions before continuing to step 4.
  4. Submit the form to pending (PND) status
    • Once the form is in PND status, the CIBMTR will review the query and updates. Updates will either be approved or rejected.
      • If approved, the form should go to complete status (CMP).
      • If rejected, please review the most current CIBMTR query comment for further instructions.
Last modified: Mar 14, 2023