Question 1. Specify the reason(s) for the infusion cancellation or delay (Check all that apply)

Specify the reason(s) why the infusion was cancelled or delayed. Select all that apply. If the reason why the infusion was canceled or delayed is not listed on the form, select Other reason and continue with question 2.

Example 1: A recipient had a transplant scheduled on 11/26/2019; however, when reviewing the CPI list, it was discovered the transplant was cancelled because the recipient had disease progression and was moved to hospice care. In this scenario, select the options Disease relapse / progression and Patient sent to hospice or receiving palliative care only as the reason why the infusion was canceled.

Example 2: The recipient died before transplant. The reason why the infusion was canceled should be reported as Patient died.

Specify other reason

Specify the Other reason why the infusion was canceled or delayed.

Example 3: The transplant for the recipient was canceled for insurance reasons and the recipient did not receive conditioning treatment. Report ‘Transplant for patient was canceled due to insurance and patient did not receive conditioning treatment’ in the specify other reason data field.

Last modified: Mar 06, 2024