In order to remain in Good Standing for CPI, centers must address all discrepancies between the provided CTA list and the data reported to FormNet3 by the end of Trimester 2 (August 31st for US centers, October 31st for International centers). This requirement is not eligible for exemption.

Discrepancy Process Overview

  1. First, CIBMTR will compare the center’s submitted CTA list against FormNet3/ NMDP Operations data for discrepancies
  2. Next, centers will resolve all discrepancies between CTA list and FormsNet3/NMDP Operations data
  3. Lastly, centers will resolve all queries placed on FormsNet3 forms containing discrepancies

Discrepancy Resolution Timeline

Since discrepancy resolution and query resolution both occur within the same trimester and need to be completed sequentially, please refer to the timeline below.

Last modified: Mar 06, 2024