Step 1:

Once the number of center forms due (in the desired category) has been determined using the instructions above, center will determine the total number of forms (denominator) for the desired CPI form category.

Step 2:

Determining the denominator.

  • Part 1: Determine the total number of completed forms.
    • Click Status Codes “AUD, CMP, LCK, QRY, & PND” (These are the form statuses that are considered “complete for CPI”)
    • Follow steps above (just change from generating forms DUE list to forms COMPLETE list)
    • Add the number of forms due + forms complete to determine denominator
      Example: 150 forms on form due list + 50 forms on forms complete list = 200 total forms (denominator)

Step 3:

Once the denominator has been determined, the forms complete will be considered the numerator (50 forms completed / 200 forms total)

Step 4:

Take the forms completed (numerator) divide by total forms (forms due + forms complete = denominator). This will provide the % of forms completed.
Example: 50 forms complete / 200 total forms = 0.25 = 25% forms completed (should correlate with metrics on CPI summary report)

Step 5:

Determining how many forms need to be completed to meet form requirement

  • Part 1: Take the form completion requirement times the denominator. Then, subtract the forms already completed form the denominator to determine how many forms are still needed to complete to meet form requirement.
  • Example:
    • If the form requirement was 50% form completion, take 0.50 × 200 (total forms) = 100 forms.
    • Subtract the number of forms that have been completed from the total number of forms that need to be complete to meet form completion requirement. 100 – 50 = 50 more forms to complete to meet 50% form requirement.

For Critical Forms On-Time category, forms in complete status may count against centers if completed after the form due date. (Generate a list of completed critical forms on time. Review the complete date and due date. If the complete date is after the due date, these forms will be considered “late” and count against CPI for this category.)

Last modified: Mar 06, 2024