Step 1:

Status codes – Click on “AUD, CMP, LCK, QRY, and PND” (These are the form statuses that are considered “complete for CPI”)

Step 2:

Forms – Click on the

Step 3:

The Date Type will auto-populate to equal Form Due Date. Click on CPI Period to equal Due in Previous Period (the start and end date will auto-populate)

Step 4:

Click on Search to generate list

Step 5:

Click on Export to Excel

Step 6:

Open Excel spreadsheet and turn on the filter. Filter by either ‘Critical’, ‘Study’, or ‘Other CPI

Step 7:

Filter by “Complete” and Sort A to Z to order the dates to either ascending or descending. Unselect all dates and only select a week to determine how many forms are completed for a category in 1 week. (Centers can do this step for a couple of weeks and take the average.)

Step 8:

Highlight Column B: CRID to determine how many forms are considered due. The count will be posted at the bottom of the Excel spreadsheet. (Make sure to subtract 1 to account for the “CRID” heading row)

Step 9:

Add the numbers from all categories (Critical forms on time, Critical forms previous trimester, Study forms previous trimester, and Other CPI Forms previous trimester) to determine the total number of forms completed in a week.

Last modified: Mar 06, 2024