Consecutive reporting of HCT transplants is an integral component to ensure the continued epidemiological integrity of the CIBMTR outcomes registry and to meet CIBMTR’s obligations to provide the US government with an accurate assessment of transplant activity.

Annual reporting of consecutive transplants is required to maintain “Good Standing” for CPI. Each year, centers must submit a list of all HCT transplants performed at their center from the previous calendar year (January – December).

Discrepancies are reviewed using multiple mechanisms to ensure completeness and consistency of the data reported to FormsNet3SM. All discrepancies must be resolved in order to meet the CPI Standards. Your CTA list will be compared against 3 sources:

  • Transplants reported to NMDP (Transplant Discrepancies)
  • Data reported in FormsNet3SM (Data Discrepancies)
  • Data across forms (Form Discrepancies)

For additional resources, refer to the CTA eLearning.

Last modified: Mar 15, 2022