When a recipient consents to participate in research, their data are contained in the CIBMTR’s Observational Database. The database includes recipient baseline and outcome data for related and unrelated allogeneic transplants or other cellular therapy from any cell source, and for autologous transplants or other cellular therapy. Data are also collected on unrelated donors and their donation experiences.

The primary purpose of the Observational Database is to have a comprehensive source of data that can be used to study hematopoietic cell transplantation.

Studies in which these data may be used include:

  • How well recipients recover from their transplants or cellular therapy
  • How recovery after transplantation or cellular therapy can be improved
  • Long-term outcomes after transplantation or cellular therapy
  • How access to transplantation or cellular therapy for different groups of recipients can be improved, including studies designed to inform insurance/payer policy, such as U.S. Medicare policy
  • How well donors recover from collection procedures
  • The application and success of transplantation in the management of marrow-toxic injuries
Last modified: Apr 19, 2017