Cell therapy reporting preferences will take effect in July 2022 and will be used to determine how forms come due.

Reporting Preferences

Do Not Perform

  • This option should be selected if the site does not perform cellular therapies (this excludes DLIs)

Perform Do Not Report

  • This option should be selected if the center performs this infusion type, but does not report the data to CIBMTR.

Research (RES)

  • All cellular therapies performed at the site are submitted to CIBMTR
  • This includes commercial products, and investigator studies and clinical trials

Regulatory (RGL)

  • Commercially available cell therapy products only are submitted to CIBMTR
  • Examples: Kymriah®, Yescarta®, TecartusTM, Breyanzi®, Abecma®

If you would like to change the cellular therapy reporting preference for your center or have questions about which reporting preference has been chosen, please submit a ticket via CIBMTR Center Support.

Last modified: May 25, 2022