The HCT event date is discrepant between FormsNet3 and the CTA list.

Steps to Follow to Correct Discrepancy

  • If the CTA list is incorrect, centers should correct the CTA list and resubmit via a CIBMTR Center Support ticket.
    • After navigating to the CIBMTR Center Support, click Need Help?
    • Complete necessary fields and answer the following
      • What is your question regarding? CPI/CTA
      • Relating to: CTA HCT List Submission/Resubmission
    • Attach the CTA list with the Add Attachments feature
    • Click submit
  • If the infusion date in FormsNet3 is incorrect, centers must correct the infusion dates on the Indication for CRID Assignment (2814) form/follow-up form used to report the infusion. Centers will then need to reprocess all forms for that infusion which are in status other than DUE.
    • Navigate to the Recipient Tab in FormsNet3 > Recipient Forms subtab
    • Enter the CRID in the “Search For” box and click “Search”
    • Correct the Indication for CRID Assignment (2814) form OR the follow-up form used to report the HCT infusion
    • Submit the form to complete
    • Reprocess additional forms for the event that are in a status other than DUE
      • Open each form via the Edit icon > allow auto-population to update HCT event date > submit form to complete
Last modified: Mar 10, 2023