Beginning in January 2021, recipient consent for the CIBMTR research database ( Identifier: NCT01166009) will be collected in a new consent tool within FormsNet3SM. The Pre-Transplant Essential Data (2400) and Pre-Cellular Therapy Essential Data (4000) forms will no longer be used to capture a recipient’s CIBMTR research database consent status. These changes were made to support new processes and studies that are occurring at CIBMTR by capturing consent and contact information pre-infusion, when possible. The new process aims to collect recipient consent status as soon as possible after the CRID is created. This will also allow CIBMTR® Survey Research Group (SRG) to approach patients prior to their infusion in order to conduct patient-reported outcomes (PRO) surveys.

Figure 1. Disabled Edit Form Icon

Figure 2. Hovered Text, Consent Not Yet Reported

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Last modified: Jan 25, 2021