Beginning July 2023, new TED and CRF reporting levels for cellular therapy were created to reduce the burden of data collection. TED and CRF reporting levels are determined by the center reporting preference and infusion details.

TED Level Reporting Forms CRF Level Reporting Forms
4000 4000
4003 4001
4006 4003
4100 4006
2402 4100
3500 4101
2900 2402 + disease forms (when applicable)

Toxicities on F4100

All toxicities will be present on the F4100; however, they will enable based on TED vs CRF reporting.

TED Level Reporting Forms CRF Level Reporting Forms
CRS (Y/N) + diagnosis date + symptoms + resolution date Therapy for CRS
MAS/HLH-like toxicities (Y/N) + diagnosis date + resolution date Therapy for MAS/HLH-like toxicities, splenomegaly, confirmation by BMBx, lab values
Neurotoxicity (Y/N) + cognitive assessment + neurotoxicity manifestation parent list, details on cerebral edema, depressed level of consciousness, motor neuron disease, movement disorder, seizure, speech impairment Therapy for neurotoxicity + details on cerebrovascular accident, cognitive impairment, personality change, other
Hypogammaglobulinemia, tumor lysis syndrome, other toxicity, grade 3/4 organ toxicity, lab values
Last modified: Aug 01, 2023