How to make changes to Legacy Data

“Legacy data” are data submitted to CIBMTR or NMDP before the FormsNet2 application became available on December 3, 2007. If you need to make changes to data that were submitted to the legacy databases, please send an error correction to document the change.

You only need to send the page that has the information on it that needs to be changed. For all corrections, please indicate “LEGACY ERROR CORRECTION” on the page so we know where to find the data that you are changing.

The procedures to follow are different depending on whether corrections are being made to NMDP or CIBMTR forms.

NMDP forms

Blank Error Correction pages for NMDP forms are available on the Retired Forms page of CIBMTR’s website.

  • Follow the instructions on Completing the Error Correction Form
  • The sequence number from the legacy forms is not available in FormsNet3. This may be left blank and a CRC will add this for you.


For IBMTR / ABMTR forms, if you need to change data on a previously submitted old version IBMTR form (002 Core or earlier), please copy the original page of the old form and indicate “LEGACY ERROR CORRECTION” on the top of the page. Please cross out the original answer, and record the correct answer and circle it. Please initial and date your changes and send to your assigned campus. If the original CIBMTR form is not available, you may create a CIBMTR Center Support ticket containing the following information:

  • Old IBMTR Team #
  • Recipient IUBMID #
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of HCT that the correction pertains to
  • Which form is being corrected and the Question Number
  • A clear explanation of the change that needs to be made

Note: If you submitted NMDP data to both organizations, you do not need to submit corrections to both campuses. Send the corrections to CIBMTR Center Support. They will ensure that the information is changed in the legacy databases and in FormsNet if applicable.

Last modified: Mar 07, 2024