In order to remain in Good Standing for CPI, centers must submit a list of all reportable infusions performed at their center in the previous calendar year by the end of Trimester 1 (April 30th). This requirement is not eligible for exemption.

Process for Submitting CTA List

  1. Ensure Step 1: Report Infusions in FormsNet3 is complete before submitting a CTA List
  2. Complete the CTA List using the CTA Template (link below)
    • The CTA list should be generated from a center’s internal records
    • The list should include ALL infusions performed (not just the first allogeneic transplant)
    • The list should NOT include CAR-T, DLI/DCI, or other non-transplant therapy
    • The list should only include infusion types your center performs (example: If your center does not report autologous infusions to CIBMTR, do not include these infusions on the CTA List)
    • Deviating from the format specified will delay the processing of center’s list
  3. Submit the completed CTA list to the CIBMTR via a CIBMTR Center Support ticket
    • After navigating to the CIBMTR Center Support, click Need Help?
    • Complete necessary fields and answer the following
      • What is your question regarding? CPI/CTA
      • Relating to: CTA HCT List Submission/Resubmission
    • Attach the CTA list with the Add Attachments feature
    • Click submit
  4. Once processed, the CPI team will respond to the ticket to inform centers if the list has been successfully processed and the ticket will be closed
    • If a ticket was not successfully processed, the CPI team will inform the center they need to resolve the issue and resubmit the CTA list until it is successfully processed
  5. The weekly CPI Summary Report will note “Submit CTA List: Complete/Requirement Met”

Click here for US CTA Template

Required Data Required Format
CIBMTR-assigned Research ID (CRID) Number
Patient Date of Birth Date, (YYYY-MM-DD)
Patient Sex “M” or “F” (M = Male, F = Female)
Date of HCT Infusion Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
Donor Type used for HCT Must ONLY be reported as ALLO_U, ALLO_R, or AUTO
  • ALLO_U = Unrelated Donor
  • ALLO_R = Related Donor, including syngeneic
  • AUTO = Autologous (no donor)
Note: If more than one donor product was infused in the same infusion, report the product of the least related (ALLO_U > ALLO_R > AUTO). For example, if patient received an unrelated and related product, then select only ALLO_U. Do not use terms such as “boost”, “haplo”, “MUD”, etc. – must specify ‘ALLO_R, ‘ALLO_U’, or ‘AUTO’ for each infusion.
Last modified: Apr 18, 2024