How to Resolve a Query (step-by-step)

1. Navigate to the queried form within the Recipient Forms page
2. Select edit form
3. Collapse all sections
4. Locate the section name with a query indicator & open section
5. Locate question(s) with a query
6. Click the query icon to see query comment
(what CIBMTR is asking you to review/do)
7. Exit pop-up and update answer/complete action
8. Interact with query icon
a. Select option from dropdown
b. Add a comment
c. Click Save Now

9. A successfully addressed query will now have a green check mark
10. Select the submit form icon
11. Before re-submitting the form, check for new potential correction errors.
When finished, submit the form.
12. Ensure form went to PND status
13. CIBMTR will then review the query and either:
a. Approve the query => Form will go to CMP status & query will be resolved
b. Reject the query => Form will return to QRY status and data manager will
follow steps 1-13 until query is approved.
Last modified: Nov 01, 2021