Under the Form Title Bar is a row of icons, as shown below.

Donor Screenshot Recipient Screenshot

Each has a defined purpose.

Definition Icon
Collapse all – Expand all Sections
  • All sections (including multiple sections) of the form will either expand or collapse
  • Submits all data entered on the form to the CIBMTR database
  • The form status updates in the form grid
  • All errors on the form need to be resolved or an override code entered before the form is considered complete
Review Unresolved Errors
  • This icon will reflect all the errors within the form
  • The system prints the form in its current state
Jump to Question
  • Enter a question number in the Q# box and click the down arrow.
  • The system brings the user directly to that question within the form
Clear Form
  • Clears all data entered on the form
  • This icon only appears for scheduled forms
  • Once the user clicks the Submit icon, this icon will no longer be an option
  • If you need to have your form cleared or reset after it has been submitted, submit a ticket to CIBMTR Center Support
Cancel Form
  • Cancels the creation of the form in its entirety
  • This icon will only appear for unscheduled forms
  • Once you click the Submit icon, this icon will no longer be an option
Last modified: Sep 21, 2021