What is a CRID?

The CIBMTR Research ID (CRID) is a unique identifier assigned when an individual is registered with the CIBMTR as receiving a cellular therapy, including hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HCT), treatment for marrow toxic injuries, and certain non-cellular therapies. The CRID Assignment Form 2804 collects the information required to create a lifelong identification number specific to an individual, and certain data fields are used to ensure that the same individual does not inadvertently receive multiple CRID assignments.

Performing a CRID Search

Before assigning a new CRID, you must ensure that your recipient does not have a previous CRID assignment by performing a CRID search.

  • Click on Assign CRID in the Menu Bar, under the Recipient tab
  • Click on Search/Edit CRID from the dropdown list.
  • Enter the known private identifying data completely and accurately
    in the search fields in the search fields of the Search/Edit CRID screen.
  • Click on Search. Up to 25 potential matches will display based on search criteria entered.
    By filling in as much information as you know of the private identifying data,
    you reduce the quantity of possible matches.
  • The boxes “View previously created CRIDs” or “Search Only My Center(s)” (screenshot at right)
    will only display the CRIDs created by the current username, or only your center. Those filters are useful when looking for a CRID that you know was done by you or your center when no other identifying
    data is available.
  • Do not check those boxes when verifying whether or not your patient has a previously assigned
    CRID from a different center than your own, because it could eliminate the one you are looking for.

No CRIDs found for your search criteria

If there is no match, try less criteria. Once you are satisfied that the recipient never had a prior CRID, you can give your recipient a new CRID assignment.

Last modified: Sep 21, 2021