A donor/recipient may be declared Lost to Follow-up, only after the center has tried to make contact and is unsuccessful at reaching the donor/recipient.

The Lost to Follow-up icon only displays for eligible forms and only if the form is in DUE status. Once the icon is clicked, a dialog box displays. To proceed, you must select a reason code for Lost to Follow-up by clicking on the box in front of it.

  • After a reason code is selected click on Submit Now, then the form status will change to LTF
  • If the Lost to Follow-up icon is clicked in error, click on Cancel to clear and close the Lost to Follow-up dialog box. The form will remain in DUE status.
  • If data becomes available after a form was made Lost to Follow-up, please submit a ticket in CIBMTR Center Support to change the form back to the DUE status.
  • If the form you wish to make LTF is in SVD status:
    • Click the EDIT form icon in the first row of the forms grid.
    • Then click the CLEAR FORM icon.
    • The window opens to verify that you want to clear data from the form, click Yes.
  • If the form you wish to make LTF is not in SVD status, contact CIBMTR center support to reset the form. Once reset, you can proceed to make the form Lost to Follow-up electronically.
Last modified: Sep 21, 2021