Queries in Recipient Forms

A query is a feature in FormsNet3SM that gives CIBMTR the ability to apply a data check to a specific field.

Query Icon & Indicator

Open Query

  • Within a form, a query indicator directs a user to the section title under which the query is located:

Queries are denoted with a query icon

  • This label is found to the left of the question number and/or question text:

Addressed Queries

  • Query indicator and query icon will have a green check mark through them:

Query Definitions

FormsNet3SM Forms: Editable vs. Non-Editable (PDF)

When resolving a query, the process described in the next section ‘How to Resolve a Query’ pertains to FormsNet3SM editable forms only

  • FN3 editable forms are designated with red pen on a paper icon
  • Non- FN3 editable forms are designated with a PDF icon
  • In rare cases, a query may be placed on a PDF form. These PDF forms will need to be updated with an Error Correction Form (ECF). Once completed, you’ll want to submit the error correction form via a CIBMTR Center Support ticket. Most ECFs can be found here: https://www.cibmtr.org/DataManagement/DataCollectionForms/Pages/Retired.aspx

Query Life Cycle in Form Statuses

Overview of a query’s life cycle summarized using form status & action taken to move the form to different statuses:

Last modified: Nov 01, 2021