Icon Title and Description Icon
Create New Form
  • Opens a new form for data entry
Edit Form
  • Opens the form in edit mode allowing changes to be made
View Only Mode
  • Opens the form, but no changes can be made
View Form in PDF
  • Opens a Legacy form in a PDF format
View Error Report
  • Opens the error report for any form that has been submitted with unresolved errors or had any overridden errors
View Form Change History
  • Opens the form change history for that specific form
Change Form Status to Lost to Follow-Up
  • Displays a dialog box where you must select at least one reason for changing the status to Lost to Follow-up before being able to proceed further
Add Attachment
  • Attach a PDF or Word doc to that specific form
View Attachment
  • View any attachments to that specific form
Print Form
  • Opens a printable view of that specific form
Last modified: Sep 21, 2021