Creating a Center Forms Due Report

You can run a real-time forms due report any time using the Center Forms Due tool. Under Recipient tab, select Center Forms Due from the Menu bar. You can customize a report using the following criteria:

Search Criteria Details
Centers FormsNet3SM will default to all centers for which you have the appropriate access.
If you aren’t seeing a center you’d expect, submit a ticket to CIBMTR Center Support.
Status Codes FormsNet3SM will default to all incomplete status codes (DUE, ERR, SVD, MOD, QRY).
Click the Unselect All icon to clear the default selections.
Click the Select All icon (green checkbox) to select all status codes.
Click the Needs to be Completed icon (red exclamation point) to select only those forms that count as incomplete for CPI (default) (DUE, ERR, SVD, MOD, QRY).
Forms Click the Unselect All icon (empty box with yellow star) to clear the default selections
Click the Select All icon (green checkbox) to select all forms
Click the Select CPI Forms (red exclamation point) to select only those forms that are expected for CPI.
Date Type
CPI Period
Start Date
End Date
Your center’s location (US or Non-US) should be selected by default.
  • Date Type will default to Form Due Date. This can be updated to search by Event Date (Infusion Date) or Earliest Complete Date (first date CIBMTR expects the form).
  • Selecting a CPI Period will auto-populate the relevant CPI period start and end dates.
  • Use the date picker to select custom start and end dates.
HCT Infusion Types
CT Infusion Types
Leave blank to search for all infusion types.
Select the checkboxes to filter results to specific donor/infusion type(s).
Click the Unselect All icon (empty box with yellow star) to clear any selections.
Click the Select All icon (green checkbox) to select all infusion types

Results Grid

Once all the parameters are set up to search for what you need, click Search to see the results. The table below the search criteria will populate with any results matching your specified criteria.

Customizing Results Grid

Additional filters and sorting can be applied to the result set if desired.
Click the three dots to the right of any column label to get a popup with 4 options. Select the option to apply the additional criteria.

Sort Ascending/Descending – use to sort list by the column you selected.

  • Column will appear with an arrow in the direction of the sort.
  • Multiple sorts can be applied at the same time – columns will number by the sort order
    • Please note, the column Form category does not allow sort ascending/descending.

Columns – use to add or remove columns from the output. From the list that pops up, select the columns you’d prefer to view and unselect the columns that you don’t need. See below for a description of each column.

Column Description
Status Form Status
NMDP RID NMDP Recipient ID (if entered in CRID Assignment)
IUBMID/Team Legacy IBMTR ID/Center-defined ID / IBMTR Legacy Center Number (if entered in CRID Assignment)
EBMT ID European Blood and Marrow Transplant Group Patient Identified (if entered in CRID Assignment)
Event Usually Infusion Date
Form Form Number
Form Category CPI Category – dictates target completion percentage
Visit Follow-up time point
Visit Details Additional details about form
Group Used to link together Adverse Event Reporting Forms
Sequence Unique identifier associated with this form
Center CCN responsible for completing form
Primary Disease Primary disease for the specific CRID and event date
Earliest First date CIBMTR expects the form (Earliest Complete Date)
Due Form due date
Complete Date form was first submitted to complete status (CMP)
Completed By User that first submitted the form to complete status (CMP)
Updated Most recent update date
User User who most recently updated the form

Filter – use to apply additional filter criteria on the selected column.

  1. Select operator (first dropdown)
  2. Enter or select value
  3. If desired, select a second filter criteria (bottom dropdown and value)
  4. Use the middle dropdown to indicate whether to apply both criteria (AND) or either criteria (OR)
  5. Click Filter to update results
    To clear all filters and sorts, select the Clear All Filters and Sorts icon at the top left of the results grid.
Operator Definition
Is equal to/Is not equal to Use with specific values
Is null/Is not null Use to look for blank or non-blank values
Is before/Is before or equal to Used with dates (less than)
Is less/Is less or equal to Used with numbers (CRID, Form, Center)
Is after/Is after or equal to Used with dates (greater than)
Is greater/Is greater or equal to Used with numbers (CRID, Form, Center)
Contains/Does not contain Used for partial values

Export to Excel by clicking the button in the top left corner of the results grid. Exports will retain all sorts and filters applied within FormsNet3SM.

Last modified: Nov 01, 2021