Creating a Center Forms Due Report

You can run a real-time Forms Due Report any time. Under the Donor or Recipient tab, select Center Forms Due from the Menu bar. The screen below will appear. You can customize a report by setting up filters using the following criteria:

  • Center(s)
  • Status Code
  • Forms
  • Date Type
  • CPI Period
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Infusion Type
Donor Recipient

Forms due can be searched for by checking the box next to a single center’s name, or, when the user has privileges to more than one center, then a list of those centers will populate in the Centers box to select from. To search all centers in the list, check the Select All icon in the row above the centers box. The icon to the right of select all, is the Clear All icon. In the Forms box, you can filter your display by specific form names and numbers.

Run a Report

Once all the parameters are set up to search for what you need, click Search to see the report.

Last modified: Sep 21, 2021